Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Daily Sight Words" Unit and a Freebie!

I have finally finished my "Daily Sight Words" Unit!  It took me 3 weeks to put together and ended up being 176 pages!  This baby is HUGE!   It consists of 22 weeks of fully illustrated sight word sentences for a total of 110 words. Each page is a pattern sentence that focuses on a certain sight word. When students are learning these crucial words it is important that they are given the opportunity to practice spelling them and using them in context. While you can introduce the words in whatever order you wish ~ I should state that the sentences gradually get more complex and each page builds on vocabulary learned on previous pages.

Initially the sentences are quite simple, however, by January the sentences are more detailed. You will be delighted with your students progress using this unit!

I have included:
*a description of how I use this resource
*a colourful list for each week that can be displayed in your classroom
*smaller lists that can be put on a ring for individual use
*a sight word booklet to track word mastery
*110 pages of sight word pages
*booklet cover pages

I put the sight word sheets either into a duotang or I staple them together to make a booklet. That being said, there are too many pages to be held together all at once so I have divided the words into 3 sections.

Children really do not like it when part of their page is cut-off and they can not read it. To avoid that I have indented the left hand margin slightly so that the children can easily read their work.

Once you are done with the booklets at school they become a wonderful home resource for parents to use to review these words.

The corresponding word wall is available in my Groovy Theme Classroom Set or individually if you only want the word wall ~ Groovy Word Wall.

I love that I now have this portion of my word wall unit planned and ready to go until the end of February!  
Here's some pictures and then I promise you will get your freebie:)

Okay you've been very patient:)  Your freebie today is a copy of the first week of the unit.  I have included a copy of the words to display on the board and then 5 sight word sheets.  If you download it and like what you see please leave me a little note.  It gets lonely when you're just starting:)

Click HERE to get your free copy!

Bye for now!

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