Friday, July 27, 2012

The Real Meaning of "Summer"

Like most teachers, I LOVE the summer!  While there are a zillion reasons that summer vacation rocks my most favourite reason is that I get to reconnect with my daughter.  It's 2 months with no distractions and lots of laughs!  Julia turned 12 at the beginning of July and she is my very favourite person in the world!  

In order to stay "cool" in her eyes I am always up for being silly and goofy!  She usually laughs because she can't believe what a dork I am ~ but I'll take it however I can get it:)

This week we pretended that we had our own reality show and came up with some goofy things we could do!  The first thing we did was every time Julia was going to text someone I would give her a random word and she would have to use that word in her message.  We thought we were pretty hilarious!  Her first was "rippling", second was "squiggled" get the idea! 
We looked to the internet for our next inspiration.  Like many girls her age, Julia loves the band "One Direction" {we saw them in concert! - insert a million screaming girls! - I felt old:(}.  Each member of the band posted a challenge...Julia chose one and that meant we haven't been able to use spoons {for anything!} since Monday!  I made homemade carrot soup and after trying to eat it with a fork Julia gave up and finally used a straw - yum!  

And our final stunt for the week was that on Thursday night we pulled an all nighter no nighter!  We were going to swim in the middle of the night but it was raining - boo.  So we had a chocolate fondue at 4:00 and then watched "Dance Moms" until 6:00 am when it was declared morning and we could finally head off to bed! 

What I've realized is that these are the things she is going to remember so I better make the most of it!  Children of teachers often regularly have to compromise and "understand" during a school year.  During report cards, Christmas concerts, Sundays planning...the list goes on and on.  People forget this when in July they say "Oh, it must be nice to have summers off."  I love teaching but I see July and August as a time to fill up my mommy bank because I know there will be lots of withdrawls from September to June!
Enjoy your summer, love your children, relax... you've deserved every second of it!
Bye for now,

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