Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale!!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!  I am proud to be a teacher and I want you to know that every one of you inspire me to be a better teacher!  I am in my 20th year teaching and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I still get excited about going to work!  Pat yourselves on the back - another year is almost over and I know most of us are running on empty - but well done - you've made a difference in the lives of your students.  Tomorrow is the beginning of TPT's HUGE Teacher Appreciation Sale. Everything in my store is 20% and then TPT is throwing in another 10%.  Remember to use the code: TAD13 at the checkout.

I teach until the end of June so I still have a ways to go.  I have been super busy creating some much needed units.  Just in time for you to enjoy them at the sale price:)

What a labour of love this unit is!!!! This is my favourite unit to teach and I just couldn't stop adding to it! I finally stopped at 301 pages!
This unit has absolutely everything you need to teach your students about communities around the world.

For every country I have made a 10 page learning luggage full of interesting facts. I have provided information on: languages, clothing, flag, land form, homes, food, recreation, animals, and interesting facts. Every country also has a craft with all the instructions and templates ready to photocopy (no tracing needed).

I have included passport templates, a world map, and a luggage cover. Every country also comes with passport stamps and luggage stickers.

I have also focused on postcard writing during this unit. I have included the learning goal, success criteria, anchor charts, and rubrics. There are postcard templates for every country.

All the pages are also included in colour for you to show on your Smart Board but I didn't include them in the preview because the file would have been too big.

Well I've got my cart filled to the brim!  Have fun shopping friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

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