Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Growth and Changes in Animals

I have wanted to make more science units for ages now but I just didn't have time - I love summer!  So this baby ended up being huge and I finally stopped at 209 pages!   So may I present my latest creation... Growth and Changes in Animals!
This is probably my favourite science unit because the kids literally eat it up - they love animals!!  I found two amazing sellers on TpT that are selling animal photo graphs for commercial use and I bought up a bunch of their photo bundles.  You really need to check out their stores - awesome!
(1)  Pictures From A Window
(2)  Strawberry Shake
 The incredible x-ray photographs are from Exceptional Kinders.
I even included 6 different life cycle craftivities - I mean everyone loves a good craftivity!

I seriously tried to cover everything I could in this unit and it will take you about a month to complete.  Lots of activities = lots of data for report cards (insert smile).

This baby will be on sale until Thursday, July 24 at midnight so grab it quick!

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  1. Your units are my FAVORITE!!!! This one looks amazing! Thank you for all your fabulous creations!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment:)