Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mini Glue Pots

Missing glue stick lids drives me nuts!  I find it so frustrating when one of my little friends announces that a brand new glue stick is going in the garbage because it spent the whole night without a lid!  Ugh!  So when I saw all the teachers posting glue pots on Instagram I knew I had found the answer to my prayers!  They were super easy to make and really affordable.  Nice!  I hit the dollar store and Walmart and got everything I needed.  I love that they are small enough that I have enough for everyone in the class.  I cut the sponges with a bread knife so the edges were nice and clean.  I poured a little bit of glue in the bottom of the container first,  then I put the piece of sponge in the bottom and poured white glue over the top.  Within minutes I could see the sponge starting to swell as it absorbed the glue.   Presto!  20 mini pots ready to go!

Have a great night!

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