Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts About Me!

I thought it would be fun to link up with Blog Hoppin' and share some fun facts about me!

Fact #1:  I always wanted to be left handed.  I used to try and make myself write with my left hand because I thought it would be fun to be different.  It didn't work - big surprise!  Ironically I now have a left handed daughter!  As a sub fact - my daughter was conceived through IVF.  So a shout-out to all those miracle babies out there!

Fact #2:  I love everything coconut!  I love Body Shop coconut body butter, coconut lip balm, coconut ice cream,  coconut drinks (aka: Pina Coladas).  You name it - if it's coconut I love it!

Fact #3:  I hate walking up stairs with no backs in them!  It's not even logical and I am not sure why it bothers me so much but I will avoid them like the plague.  Weird!

Fact #4:  If I wasn't a teacher I would love to be a forensic pathologist.  One of my favourite shows is "Forensic Files" and almost every book I read has this type of "undertone."  I just find it fascinating.

Fact #5:  I love to sing but I never know the words and I can't sing a tune. at. all.  But it never stops me - and my family will attest to that...lol!  There is a Beyonce in me just dying to come out!

So there you have it - a little bit about me!  It's fun getting to know each other a little bit better:)

Bye for now,

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  1. Hi Natalie

    What an amazing site of you have here! I'm always so amazed at some bloggers creativity and commitment.
    I think you might be a former teacher of mine from way back. Did you use to go by Ms.Tye and did you cover a mat leave back in 94 at Vincent Massey Public School?