Friday, August 10, 2012

A Weekend With Wendell {A Literacy Unit Covering Point of View and Writing a Diary Entry}

What primary teacher doesn't love Kevin Henkes books? I fell in love with his books from the first reading of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.  His characters have such ... character! 
I am so excited to announce that I finally finished my "A Weekend With Wendell" literacy unit that covers point of view and writing a diary entry.  I adore this book!

Wendell has come to stay with Sophie for the weekend but Wendell turns out to be less than an ideal guest. Poor Sophie has to endure two days of Wendell making all the rules, and playing nasty tricks on her. Both Sophie and her parents are just counting down the minutes until Wendell’s parents come to pick him up. Sophie is miserable but Wendell is having a wonderful time! How can two characters tell different stories? It depends on their point of view. I guarantee that your students will love writing from the point of view of Wendell {boys} and Sophie {girls}. This unit will show your students how to write an effective diary entry about their point of view. Each day students will be given specific situations from the book to use as a springboard for their diary entry that day.

I love reading the kids diary entries! They are usually quite funny! The girls love telling Wendell that he is being a big stinker and the boys love to retell their shenanigans! Each day I choose some of the well written entries to be read aloud by the students. I always refer back to our success criteria {included}. Listening to other children’s writing is a very important step especially for those children that are struggling with this type of writing. It offers explicit examples of what is expected.

Here's a preview:

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You might like to check out my other Kevin Henkes unit on "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse."  It covers
inferring and writing a friendly letter.  It is a huge hit with my class every year:)  I just love Lilly!

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