Friday, August 24, 2012

I Am Stressed...and Birthdays!

Howdy!  I am feeling a little extremely stressed right now!  I am frustrated because I went to the school this week to be told that the custodians weren't done with my room and that they wouldn't be letting us in to set up our room until August 27!  That means I have 3 days to get my room set up!!!!  Are you kidding me?!  I was in 2 weeks ago and was told they needed one more week.  Okey-dokey... I wasn't thrilled but hey I guess they fell behind.  But when I was told it was still a no go I thought I was going to cry!  Well looking on the happy side ~ it gave me more time to get some more "creative" jobs done.  I will post these on Monday so make sure you come back then ~ just to entice you...I'll have freebies:)  I put together my birthday bags so I can check that off my list.  I  got everything at the Dollar Tree {including the birthday bags} and even though I don't have any birthdays in my class until December {weird!} I'll be glad I did it ahead of time.
Everyone got:  playdough. fancy pencil, cool eraser, super bouncy ball, Skittles, and a glow stick bracelet.  I think they'll be happy:)

I also printed off my MelonHeadz bookmarks to go in the book pouches I made earlier in the summer.  If you didn't see that post you can click HERE to go back and pick up the freebie labels I made so you can make your own.  As you know I love MelonHeadz and her monthly bookmark bundle is awesome!  I wanted the boys to have a "boy picture" so I just covered the "girl" with another graphic I had.

I am almost finished my book boxes for the Daily 5 and I am soooo excited with how they turned out!  I'll have pictures {and a freebie} of them on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I feel your pain! We were under construction all summer and had 4 days to get set up. That included unpacking every single thing we own, finding furniture and working around construction workers while they finished last minute projects. We literally pulled the school together just an hour before open house and started school the next morning. It's been the LONGEST week of my life!!!! So thankful for this weekend....good luck with your classroom and hope you get it all done without too many hours at school!

    Super Pig and Tyrant King

  2. Oh my word! It makes my situation seem easy! What a way to start your year! They just don't realize how stressful it is for teachers starting up a new year. You have minimal time {if any} to think about your room set-up once the kids arrive! Thanks for your encouragement:)