Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made-Its ~ Yipee! And Some Freebies:)

I have never loved Mondays so much since linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!  It is so much fun blog hopping to see what everyone has made! 
Sadly, I came to the sudden and shocking realization that the summer is quickly coming to an end {sad face}.  I have been having a wonderful time (1)  trying how to become a blogger and (2) making things for Monday Made-It but if school started tomorrow I would be in a bit of trouble!  My kids could sit on crate seats, hold a fancy clipboard and look at some story no work!
So I knew it was time to get some curriculum stuff done.  I've got a mixture of stuff to show you:)

I loved some of the wooden signs I saw for "Where Are You?" but I wanted this to get done quickly so I opted to make it on the computer and jazz it up with some MelonHeadz graphics.
I laminated the sign and the location strips and put magnets on the back so I could hang it on my door.  I bought a plastic holder with magnets on it to hang on the back of my door to hold the location cards that are not being used.

You can pick up your FREEBIE HERE:)

Made-It #2: Post-It Picture Frame
I loved this idea when I saw it last week at Wild & Fun In Pre-K.  I thought it was a super cute way to have post-its available around the room.  They were really cheap to make since the only thing I had to buy was the frames at the Dollar Store ~ I had everything else at home {nice!}.  I picked scrapbook paper that matched my room and added some ribbon and embellishments to jazz them up a bit.  At the base of the frame you can see pencil graphics.  I printed off 3 sets of pencils from MelonHeadz "Deluxe Pencil Bundle" and Mod Podged them to the base to make it look nicer.  I used double-sided tape to attach the post-its to the frame so I could easily change them when they are used up.
I think they turned out really cute:)

Made-It #3: Sight Word Shapes
Now on to the work stuff {big sigh!}.  I have divided my sight words into 22 weeks of 5 words per week and I made "sight word shapes" for the kids to do during working with words.   They are a really fun, hands-on way for students to learn sight words and an easy way to differentiate instruction.  It is available at my TpT Store.

Made-It #4:  Daily Sight Word Unit
This is a huge packet consists of 22 weeks of fully illustrated sight word sentences for a total of 110 words. Each page is a pattern sentence that focuses on a certain sight word. When students are learning these crucial words it is important that they are given the opportunity to practice spelling them and using them in context. While you can introduce the words in whatever order you wish ~ I should state that the sentences gradually get more complex and each page builds on vocabulary learned on previous pages. You will be delighted with your student’s progress using this unit!
I have included:
*a description of how I use this resource
*a colourful list for each week that can be displayed in your classroom
*smaller lists that can be put on a ring for individual use
*a sight word booklet to track word mastery
*110 pages of sight word pages
*booklet cover pages
I put the sight word sheets either into a duotang or I staple them together to make a booklet. That being said, there are too many pages to be held together all at once so I have divided the words into 3 sections.
Children really do not like it when part of their page is cut-off and they can not read it. To avoid that I have indented the left hand margin slightly so that the children can easily read their work.

Once you are done with the booklets at school they become a wonderful home resource for parents to use to review these words.
This is available at my TpT Store.

I have used the same words that I used in my "Sight Word Shapes" pack.
The corresponding word wall is available in my "Groovy Theme Classroom Set" or individually if you only want the word wall ~ "Groovy Word Wall."

FREEBIE #2 ~ You can get a copy of the first week by clicking HERE!
That's all folks!!  Please leave me a note so I know you were here!  I love having blog friends:)
I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my 5 month old pug Lilly.  She is such a cutie:)
Bye for now!  I am off to see all your creations!


  1. Pugs are my FAVORITE! Have you read the book Unloveable? The main character is a pug. Love your Monday Made Its. You have been busy! I am a new follower.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I think pugs are the sweetest puppies in the world! I am going to head over to Chapters and see if I can order the book ~ thank you so much for letting me know about it:)

  3. Love the post it note frames and your puppy is too cute!

  4. I love your post it frames! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!

    Success in Second Grade
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  5. Ahhhh first off I LOVE your little puppy! How absolutely adorable! :) Second I love how busy you've been! Wow! Really like your post is note frames. They look amazing.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  6. Very cute! Thanks for the freebies :)

  7., your sight word kits are absolutely adorable!!!!! So cute! I'm trying to think how I could use something like that in 4th........any thoughts????

    4th Grade Frolics

  8. I absolutely love the Where Are You? Poster. I have been wanting to make one but oh my, where to find the time! Thanks for making life a little easier on those of us who are time-crunched!!!

  9. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 3 post on Sep. 11, 2012. Thanks again.