Friday, September 7, 2012

Awesome First Week!

I had a fabulous first week back!  Although I have no idea how you all seem to have the energy to teach all day and then blog every night!  Now I only started my blog in July so this is the first school year I will blog about:)  I realize I have a lot to learn....I kept forgetting to take any pictures of the kids actually doing any of the activities!  Before I go any further I must tell you I love all 19 of my little chicklets!   Last year I taught a 2/3 split with 16 boys and only 6 girls!   Yikes!  It was quite the year to put it mildly.  I had a type 1 diabetic who needed constant monitoring, 5 kids with horrible home situations, a little girl whose mother walked out on her family, 2 very behaviour kids and boy they didn't stop!  This year I have a 1/2 split and they are adorable!  I spent a  lot of time getting the classroom ready and it made my heart smile to see them delight in our room!  The reading nook is a HUGE hit and I am so glad I got rid of my desk!

As much as I like to establish routines the first week I really like to get the walls covered with their work.  We have our open house the 3rd week so I like the room to have their "foot print."  I bought an amazing pack from D Conway called "Back to School Emergent Readers and Craftivity Bundle."  I love it!  She has created 4 emergent readers that cover back to school rules and routines and each has an adorable follow-up craftivity!  My absolute favourite was "Marshmallow Toes" which addresses how you should walk quietly in the hallway.
Who could resist gluing mini marshmallows on your toes!!

We also made "Bucket Filler Cuties" by First Grade Fever.  This was a terrific activity for the first day!

My kiddos LOVED the first day of school frame that I made this summer and I used their pictures to make a  display on our door.   I soooo wish I could let you see their precious little faces - some of them just sparkled!
Okay so I will try and remember to take more pictures and I promise to share some actual work next week. I have been working on some Daily 5 things so check back soon to get your freebies!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Bye for now,

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  1. The marshmallow toes are adorable! I'm enjoying looking through your blog. :-)