Monday, October 14, 2013

Spiders! EEK!

Last year I did bats with my kiddos so I knew that I was going to have to make something new for this year - since several of my ones from last year looped up with me to grade 2.  I had avoided it for so long but I knew I could no longer put it off!  Spiders!  My heart actually started to race when I looked at pictures on the internet!  What a goof I am!  So despite feeling like crud, I put my spider unit together.  This baby just kept growing and growing!  It's got EVERYTHING you need to implement a spider unit for at least two weeks.  

We are going to start the week with the 10 page interactive spider booklet so the kiddies get some facts down.  Kids LOVE nonfiction so I know they're going to eat this up!  I have included these pages in colour so they can be displayed on the Smart Board.

I have my literacy centers all set for the week, too:)  

And my word work activities:)
For reading we are going to read "Diary of a Spider" and complete the companion booklet I made. 
I will get some pictures of the work "in action" this week 'cuz I know that's what brings any unit to life!

If you're interested you can click the picture above.

Have a great day tomorrow!

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  1. Ha!!!! That's disgustingly awesome!!!!!! I really don't like spiders:) But you made them totally cool!