Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We've Been Up To!

Spiders!  That's what we've been up to!  While I appreciate the cool fascination with these creepy little critters - there is NO WAY I would ever let one crawl on me!  I get the willies just looking at pictures!  I'm a case!
So rather than listen to me ramble - I shall thrill you with some pics:)

  I love the look of the blue and silver! 

We talked about where these furry little guys live!  

 When we were working on labeling our spider we found it interesting to learn that a spider's legs attach to the head portion of its body not the abdomen.

Today we started by looking at some photographs on the web so we could see the variety of colours spiders can be.

Did you know there is a Peacock Spider?  No, really! There is!  I had no idea!

The best thing about integrating all your subjects is that you can get a huge chunk of your planning done on the front end and then catch your breath for a couple of weeks.  Okay maybe not but you know what I mean!

I prepped all my literacy center booklets...

and my word work booklets...

and our reading booklets:)

My kiddos are loving this unit so far and nonfiction is always a huge hit!  Everything here is in my Spider unit if you're interested.

I be back tomorrow to show you how our geometry units are going.

Happy hump day!


  1. Natalie - take this from my sister.....those little house and school spiders that are kind of white/beige....she calls them the "cream-filled" spiders (shes a baker at Timmy's!). I have never looked at them the same way again!

  2. What a great name! Thanks for sharing:)