Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Door Decor, Book Marks, and A Giveaway!

Happy October friends!  Since we have a new month we had to have new door decor!  My kiddos were full of smiles when they arrived this morning to see our newly decorated door.  Even kids from other classes were stopping by to have a peek:)  I absolutely love the fact that I have this pack done for the entire year. One less thing to worry about!
I used the Halloween theme but I have given you a lot of choice so you could use Thanksgiving or fall if you would prefer.  This is an editable pack so you can add your students' names to the circles.  Unfortunately I can't include the larger MelonHeadz graphics because I can't lock the graphics down so it would break my contract with the graphic artist.  If you are interested in having a look at this pack just click on the picture above.

I also got our new reading strategies bookmarks ready for Daily 5.  My kids love getting their new bookmark and I love the fact that they are mini-anchor charts in the palm of their hand.  This month our anchor chart on the back is "read to self."
Back (and you can add your students' names in the boxes)
Again, I went with the Halloween theme but there is oodles of choices for the front picture.  And this is also an editable file so you can add your students' names.  They like it when things are personalized for them and you know who it belongs to if it's dropped on the floor.  Click the picture above if you are interested in having a peek.

I would like to give away one of these to the first two people who leave me a comment.  Remember to leave your email address and let me know which pack (from above) that you would like:)

Bye for now,


  1. I love your door decor and the reading bookmarks! Such a hard choice but I think my kids would be psyched to get personalized bookmarks! Thanks so much!!! :-)


  2. I would love the bookmarks! I already have your decor pack and I'm getting tons of compliments! ahenry4443ah@gmail.com