Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Way To Store Center Pieces and a Happy Birthday Freebie

I have struggled for years to figure out the best way to store center pieces.  I thought ziplock bags were the best out there until I discovered.....wait for it..... binder pencil cases!!  I am serious they are awesome and I will never use anything else!  I looked like a crazy stalker when all the back to school products came out.  The best ones are the ones with the clear plastic front so you can use double-sided tape to adhere the label card to the front.  I think I have about a million hundred in the back of my car! The best thing about them is they store away nicely and they don't break.  I got very tired of trying to put the "zipper" back on the ziplock bag.  I bought all of mine at Dollarama and Walmart for $1.00 each - money well spent:)

Today was my first classroom birthday and I realized that I hadn't shared what I did for kiddos this year.  I love that I make all the bags during the summer when I am not crazy busy!

I bought Scentos bubbles (they smell yummy!), ring pops, large birthday stickers, and rubber birthday wristbands.  I bought the bags at the Bulk Barn.

All packaged up and ready to go!

And as promised - a freebie!  If you would like a copy of the topper I used on the top of the bag just click on the picture below.
Happy Monday my friends:)


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