Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Classroom Door Decor

I love having a nicely decorated classroom door.  Don't we all?  We spend all summer trying to think of something cute and inviting.  But let's be honest once the year progresses it gets knocked down the priority ladder.  So in August I decided that I would plan my classroom doors for the whole year.  That way I could keep the cute factor but reduce the thinking required:)  Tell me you don't relate?  My door is ugly not the most attractive colour so I started by covering it with white shelf liner.  This brightened it up but you could see the seams so I used turquoise duck tape to cover the seams and give the door a bit of colour.  Then I added the welcome banner, the sign, and a monkey circle (I made a boy and a girl version) with each child's name inside.  I think it turned out really cute and the kids love it:)  Here's a picture.

What I really love it that the kids can take their circle home at the end of every month when the new ones go up:)  I am getting October's door ready to go so I will post pictures of it next week once it is up.  In this pack I have included two different options of graphics for each month, a themed sign, and a monthly banner.  Here's a picture of the preview:

It is a PowerPoint unit so you can print out how ever many you need and you can easily add your students' names to the circle using your favourite font or alphabet.  If you are interested in this pack you can get it here:

And just in case you're wondering the two signs hanging beside my door are freebies at my TpT store if you are interested.  On the left side of the picture is my "How I Will Stop Bullying" anchor chart and to the right is my "Where Are You" sign. 

Happy hump day!


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