Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mrs. Wishy Washy and Scaredy Squirrel

I have a split 1/2 class this year so no matter how you cut it - it's double the work.  I teach in a small school so I usually have kids loop with me the next year.  For this reason I need to be very disciplined and not have the two grades do many of the same activities.  I love having my literacy centers correspond to children's literature so I have been working like crazy to get my latest two literacy units finished and posted.  The first unit I posted last weekend was my ever favourite "Mrs. Wishy Washy."  My grade ones are going to love this unit!  I will be back with pictures in the next few weeks but here's a peek at the unit.
 I love this activity!  Students will sequence the story and glue them on to the paper strip.  After colouring Mrs. Wishy Washy you cut to slits in her skirt where the strip is fed through.  By gluing the paper strip again at the back the page can't fall out!

I posted the second unit tonight.  This one is for my grade twos and good ol' Scaredy Squirrel was the inspiration for this one.  I will be using "Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend" and "Scaredy Squirrel at Night" as the mentor texts for this unit.  This unit covers a ton of essential literacy skills!

For the final activity the students will write their own version of a Scaredy Squirrel story.  They are going to love that!  This unit is on sale until Tuesday evening so you can save a little bit if you buy it now:)

I will be back tomorrow to share some pictures of getting ready for October.

I hope you have a great Monday!

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