Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not By The Hair On My Chinny, Chin, Chin!

From the title I bet you can guess what we've been reading!  This has been a great literacy unit to start the year with.  The kiddos are still getting into the swing of things and they have a sense of confidence because they are familiar with the story line.  I love The Three Little Pigs because there are so many great versions of this book!

This book is an oldie but it was terrific story to start with because it corresponded with our sequencing activity perfectly!

I love the "Stella" series by Marie-Louise Gay so I absolutely had to read her version of this story and it didn't disappoint!

Then we used pictures to show the story elements.

The next day we read this simple version of the story because we were going to fill out our story retelling page.

My class LOVED this book!  It was fantastic because I read one page and they got to read the next!  It kept them active and engaged and it was perfect because we have been talking about how exclamation marks make our reading more expressive.
Then we used the story as a reference for identifying speaking parts in the story.

We still have lots to do but we are well on our way!  I'll be back later to share more of our learning!

Happy Hump Day my friends!

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