Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Love Teaching Regrouping!

What's really weird about that is that I hated math when I was in school.  In grade four I had nightmares about being locked in a room with numbers.  Seriously, I woke up screaming for nights on end! I think that's why I try and take the confusion out of math for my kiddos.  It can be terrifying (I know from experience!).  The one good this about being an old experienced teacher is that you have a few tricks up your sleeves.  I have worked hard to break down the steps to teach regrouping so every child can be successful.  It works like a charm:)

So this week we worked on the final 2 steps that we needed to master before actually regrouping.
We've worked with Base 10 blocks but now we're into the nitty gritty of just working with the numbers...dun, dun, dun.

We started by just practicing finding another ten.  You know - just practicing regrouping the numbers.

From there we moved onto regrouping in a place value chart.  This gets the kids ready for how the set up of an actually addition question will look like.  Same thing just a different format.

And finally the day had arrived!  We were actually going to do a regrouping question!  My word the kids love this!  They finally feel like big kids!
I always have them highlight the ones column so that they remember that's where they have to start.
In the beginning, when they add the 2 numbers in the ones column I have them write the answer to the right of the question.  They circle the "1" and carry it over to the attic of the tens house.  They underline the other number and take it to the basement of the ones house.  Now they are ready to add the numbers in tens column.  The steps are very sequential and a bit slow at the beginning but it works:)

Here's a picture of one of my kid's weekly math tracking sheet.  I love this because I can record how the child is doing every day.  This week I have an example of what we are working on so that the parents can use it as a reference.
Tomorrow we are moving on to 2-digit addition with regrouping math centers.  I know they will need a lot of support for the first couple of days but so far they are doing really well.  I am just so proud of them!  What's more important ~ they are feeling really proud of themselves!

Tomorrow's Friday my friends!  The end is near!

Bye for now!


  1. I love this format for regrouping! Very clear and easy to understand. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Check your email : )

  2. I think your math posters and process are brilliant! It's such a hard concept to teach the little ones and you've made it really clear. I will have to give it a try when we get there. Thank you for sharing!
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