Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Know You're Old When...

I am so old!  I have been fooling myself if I think otherwise!

You know you're old when...you watch the Bachelor and all you can think of is "Do those girls have gum?" and "Where is their chapstick?"

As my daughter and I snuggled down to watch Juan Pablo whoooo his girlfriends last night I couldn't help but wonder if he chews gum before moving on to his next smooch of the night?   Does he choose who to kiss by the flavour of her lipgloss?

It was so sweet when he wanted Renee to have a dress made while they are in Vietnam but honestly he watched them measure her chest on TV!  I told my daughter that I would suck as a contestant because there is no way I would do that!  They talk about how romantic Juan Pablo is and how he remembers the small gestures - seriously women - you know the network is the one to thank?!

Ya I'm old!

But this old lady is sure to tune in again next week!

Happy Tuesday!

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